A new way to connect your fly and hook:
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The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Latex Junction Tube
A super fit for all larger hooks and tubes. Great for saltwater flies
Junction Tube
Latex Junction Tube Kit - six 6 inch peices - $6.49
$1.09 for a 6 inch length
Junction Tube "Niblet" Pack
Dozens of small lengths of all sizes and styles of
junction tubing we offer. Lots of possibilities!
Junction Tube Niblet Assortment - $4.99
$0.59 for a 5 inch length
in 22
Junction Tube Assortment Pack - Bright

10 inches each of nine vibrant colours - $8.99

Junction Tube Assortment Pack - Dark

10 inches each of nine darker colours - $8.99

We are very happy with the elasticity and holding ability of our new Junction
Tubing on the tube itself, as well as on the hook. No more loose fitting
connections! This tubing works perfectly with
Shumakov, Nubby, Barbell, Deep
Water, Shrimp, Torpedo, Bottle, Micro, Metal (small diameter), Tapered,
Tungsten Bump, Tungsten Bottle,  Liner, and Scandinavian Plastic Tubes.
Junction Tube Assortment Kit - Bright Colours
Junction Tube Assortment Kit -  Dark Colours
Or order by individual piece
Junction Tube Assortment Pack - Glow In The Dark

30 inches each of 3 glow colours - $8.99