The Canadian Tubefly Company
The Orange Blossom
The Flamethrower
Black and Blue
A Flex Tube Pattern
A Flex Tube Pattern
A Shumakov Tube Pattern
A Wiggle Tube Pattern
We have gone through the step by step process of making some of our more popular
patterns. We know that many of our customers have waited very patiently for us to
list further information on creating tubes. We hope that you enjoy!

All pictures are in high resolution so please be patient....they take a minute or two
to open.
Barbell Marabou Tube
By Steve Egge
Russian Intruder
GP Intruder
Dirty Sunrise
A Nubby Tube Pattern
A Stainless Steele Tube Pattern
A Tungsten Bump Tube Pattern
A Tungsten Bump Tube Pattern
how to add a cone to your
special patter? Please read
this article to learn more
about all the tube cone
types we offer!
Baby Ostrich Intruder
The Spring King
New for 2019!