The ability to change out your hook while fishing a tube fly is
perhaps one of the biggest draws to using a tube for most
anglers. No longer do we have to toss out a meticulously tied fly
because the hook point is broken on a rock or a fish has bent
out the hook!

We offer a large selection of hooks specifically made for tubes.
Not only do we offer famous brands like Daiichi, Partridge, and
Mustad, we've also developed our own brand of hooks and
shanks. Our
Egret Hooks are our best sellers, not only because
of their great value and quality, but also because of the design
that has been geared specifically to be used with a tube.

We have also carried Partridge Waddington Double Shanks for
years. Shanks share  the same "hook replace-a-bility" as tubes
do, they have made a recent resurgence in salmon and
steelhead fly boxes. We have recently introduced our new brand
of Egret Heavy Shanks as well. These take the original ideal of
the Double Waddingtons and tweaks them to be more user
friendly as well as much heavier to get down to holding fish!
Tube Hooks & Shanks
The Canadian Tube Fly Company