The Canadian Tube Fly Company
In 2014 we had to make a big decision as a company.
Either we had to stop offering custom tied flies to
fishermen or "shop out" our tying from local, well paid
commercial tiers, to overseas shops that used
questionable labour practices and often created flies of
supplying tiers with the materials they need to produce
their own tubes. We also chose to concentrate our time
and experienced tube tiers with their own projects. We
135 patterns we used to sell.

Now, 2020! Because of huge demand, and because of
many personal requests, we are now offering a Limited
Series run of tubes!
These will be seasonal and will only
be available when the tied flies are in stock. We know
that these tubes are not inexpensive. They are hand
tied by members of our Pro Staff in Canada! They are
the same flies many of our Pro Staffers use on their
limited days on the river. They are so well built that we
often only use one two or three flies in a full day of
fishing. They are not the old traditional favourites. They
are patterns that are innovative and incorporate the
latest material and techniques that we are using on our
own ties.

Question: I'm confused about how to order from your
site, how do I do it?
Answer:   All you now have to do is fill in the amount of
each item you would like and then click on the "add to
cart" button. When you click on "add to cart" a new
window will appear with all of the items you have
ordered. You can choose to continue shopping or check
out. When you do check out you can either pay
instantly with Pay Pal or most major credit cards.

Question: What if I want to order items but I do not
want to pay using a cheque or Money Order?
Answer: Unfortunately our site is equipped only to
process payments through Pay Pal and Credit Cards. If
you do want to order and pay with a cheque or M.O.,
simply email your order to us
( We will invoice you
within 24 hours.

Question: Do you confirm orders before processing
Answer:    Absolutely. When you have put your order in
we will get back to you (usually within 24 hours) to
confirm when we have shipped.  

Question: I'm new to tying tube flies, can you put an
assortment of your most productive items together for
Answer:    No problem, we have all been new to tube
fly tying at one time. We'll put together a selection that
you can not go without!