For many years now, tube flies
have been a big part of fly
fishing. Though most popular
in Europe, tube flies have
proven there value for trophy
trout, large salmon in both the
Atlantic and Pacific, as well as
many salt water gamefish
species. But why use a tube fly?
Here are our top seven reasons
for using tube flies...................
3. Tube flies land you more fish. Since the
tube usually detaches from the hook, the
shorter shank makes it tougher for a fish
to thrash it out.
fly usually slides up the line when a fish
is hooked. That way no fish teeth actually
touch the feathers and fur.
5. Tube flies are very adaptable. That is
to say, you can easily change the hook
size of the fly  to accommodate whatever
species you are fishing for.
6. Tube flies can also be combined with
beads, spinner blades and spacers either in
front or behind. This gives you
7. Tube flies are not exclusive to fly
. Many of our customers troll
these flies on spin tackle. They are also
often used to "bucktail" in salt water.
The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Why Tube Flies?
1. Tubes give you more control over the weight of your fly. By simply
changing up the type of tube your pattern is tied on, you can have the
exact same fly with dramatically different weights.
2. With tube flies, it is possible to take an already great hooked pattern and
make it either
wider and/or longer. Often a fly with a bigger profile can make
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