Scandinavian style plastic tubing has been around for many years
now, most popular in Europe This tubing is versatile in that it can
be tied onto directly or it can be used to line various
metal and
hybrid tubes as well as be combined with many styles of cones to
make a winning combination. It also works well in making "
tubes" that start with a large size of tube at the back of the fly and
then gets smaller as the small size of tube is inserted into the
larger tube. A good way to make a smaller head on all of your
plastic patterns. Nice bright colour tubing also gives you many
options when creating your new secret tube pattern!
These are put together
in a "step" fashion
where large diameter
(or Glow, Flec, or
Speckled) tube is
inserted with small
diameter Scandinavian
tubing. The small
diameter "scandy" tube
not only makes for a
much smaller finished
head, it also allows the
tyer to add many of
cone styles to the
Junction Tube
is then added to the
back of the Large
Scandy tube and the
hook is secure!
Scandinavian Tube
The Canadian Tube Fly Company