The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Deluxe Tube Fly Tying Kit
The kit contains the equivalent of all of these individual kits. Individually, this
group of materials would cost over $195.99 US. Buy the "Whole Shabang" for
only $145.99 US!
Deluxe Tube Fly Tying Kit. Includes all you need to tie hundreds of super tubes!


Vise Adapter Kit
Transparent Flex Tube Kit
Clear Plastic Tube Kit
40 EgretcTube Fly Hooks -
4 sizes
Wiggle Tube Kit
Junction Tube Kit - Dark
Tapered Tube Kit
Micro Metal Tube Kit
Small Cone Head Kit
Large and Small
Clear Junction Tubing
A selection of soft and hard Liner Tube
Shumakov Long
Range Brass Kit
Shumakov Skittle
Monster Cone Head
Shumakov Long
Range Aluminum Kit
Ridged Bottle Tube
40 Egret Otopus
Tube Fly Hooks