The Canadian Tube Fly Company
These are super for adding that extra weight to your
favourite tube. They fit on our liner and small Scandinavian
tubing that an easily be inserted into most of our
tubes, Hybrid Tubes,  Plastic, Flex, and  Wiggle tubing to
accept either a standard or monster cone.
Shumakov tube and
flex tube and cone
tapered tube and cone
metal tube and cone
plastic tube and cone
"Russian Bullet" Style
Small Metallic Conehead Assortment Pack - 16 cones (2 small brass, 2 small gunsmoke, 2 small silver, 2 small copper, 2 large brass, 2 large gunsmoke, 2 large silver, 2 large copper)


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Brass Cones - Small Hole
Our metallic tubes come in four fantastic finishes, brass,
......or order by type and length. Four fantastic finishes!
Small Hole Coneheads - 5mm width. $4.29 per 20.
Small Hole Coneheads - 6mm width. $4.29 per 20.
Electroplated Metal Finishes
Our painted cones come in twelve fantastic colours, hot pink, hot
orange, red, sky blue, green, yellow, black, chartreuse, metallic
red, metallic chartreuse, metallic blue, and metallic orange.
Hard as Nails Painted Cones
Painted Conehead Assortment Pack - 20 cones (in assorted colours....not necessarily the colours pictured)


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(colours may vary)
......or order by colour!
Painted Coneheads. $4.99 per 20.
Painted Metallic Conehead Assortment Pack - 20 cones (red, hot pink, chartreuse, purple, and hot orange


(colours may vary)
......or order by colour!
Metallic Coneheads. $5.99 per 20.
Liner Tube and cone
Small Hole Coneheads