Though there is a great deal of debate on what makes a pattern an Intruder, we
think many tyers will now agree that Intruders are more their own genre of fly
patterns. The long webby profile these flies give in the current are fantastic, they
consistently out fish many other patterns.
We combine our Intruder patterns with long sections of
Flex Tube as hook holders.
well behind all of the flowing hackle, preventing the fly from fouling around the
hook.....smething not possible with a standard "hooked" Intruder.
The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Intruder Style Patterns
General Practitioner
Purple Intruder
Intruder Tubes
Intruder Tube Flies
General Practitioner
Dark- Intruder
Ostrich Spey - Sunburst
Shooting Star
Blue & Teal
Fuzzy Spey
Pink & Teal
Pink & Grizzly
Jungle Sunburst
Ostrich Spey - P. & B.
Olive Intruder
Blue Intruder
Though we no longer sell these flies most
of the materials used to create these
patterns can be ordered in our
fly tying
section and will be sent out next business
Chartreuse &
Purple Shank