Intruder patterns have exploded in popularity across North
America in recent years and for good reason. The long
webby profile these flies give in the current are fantastic,
We've taken Jury Shumakovs innovative "Russian Bullet"
style of tying (with cones used on the body of the fly) and
combined them with the long webby style of an intruder.
This natural combination gives a segmented body that really
enhances the look of the flies. With the added weight of the
cones on the main body, the fly is much more balanced than
a standard intruder that has dumb bell eyes that sinks the
head of the fly much quicker than the body. The added
splash of Flex Tube at the back also adds to the overall look
of these flies.
Russian Intruder Patterns
Russian Intruder - Purple
Russian Intruder - Sunrise
Russian Intruder - B & W
Russian Intruder - Red
Russian Intruder - Turquoise
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Most of the tubes, fur, feathers, hooks,
shanks, and other materials used to create
Russian Intruders can be ordered in our
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