The Canadian Tube Fly Company
The action of this fly is fantastic! This is our go to fly for all spawning
Chinook. The movement, along with the large profile of these tubes really
gets results!
These tubes are tied directly onto
Egret Prop Tubes and available only
through The Canadian Tube Fly Company.
For those of you that have been customers for years, you probably know that we began The Canadian Tube
Fly Co. with a massive selection of quality tied tube flies. At one point we offered over 135 patterns tied in
several sizes on several different tube types. In other words, thousands of possibilities when it came to
choosing the tubes you could purchase. This was nice when we were small, though as we continued to grow
we could not continue on to manage what essentially became a "every order is a custom order" situation.

Because of huge demand, and because of many personal requests, we are now offering a Limited Series run of
tubes! These will be seasonal and will only be available when the tied flies are in stock.

We know that these tubes are not inexpensive. They are hand tied by members of our Pro Staff in Canada!
They are the same flies many of our Pro Staffers use on their limited days on the river. They are so well built
that we often only use one two or three flies in a full day of fishing. They are not the old traditional
favourites. They are patterns that are innovative and incorporate the latest material and techniques that we
are using on our own ties.
(2 sizes) and 6 Egret Octopuss Hooks (2 sizes) plus 3
different colours of junction tubing!
The Spring Kings