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5 Tube Cartridges with End Plugs


Tube fly fishermen have long struggled for a convenient way to store their tube flies
while on the water. Compartment storage boxes work well as do pin boxes, though
sometimes they can be bulky when wading or walking for miles along the streamside.
We love these tube cartridges! They can easily slip into any pouch, pocket, or fly
wallet. We love them most of all because most days on the water, we already have our
"Go To" patterns for the day.....we "load" them up into the tube cartridges, put them in
our chest pouch and we are ready to go!
Tube Cartridges
Made of durable, crystal clear poly, these tubes are extremely rigid. They
protect the sometimes delicate feathers and fur of your tube flies!
Tube Cartridges come with double rubber end caps. This is vital for getting your tubes in
and out of the cartridge without damaging them. There is no pulling a tube fly out
The Tube Cartridges end caps are unique in that the insides are deeply recessed. This allows most tube
fly patter heads to be gently held in place. Though the diameter of the Tube Cartridge keeps everything
pretty snug already on most tube fly patterns, this just adds that extra hold so your time intensive
creations don't bounce around and slide back and forth in the Cartridge. The end caps are also vented!
Though we always fully allow our tubes to dry before we put them back into a tube cartridge, these vent
holes (on both sides) give you a bit of insurance if you do happen to have a fly being put away wet!
Available in packs of 5 or 10!
10 Tube Cartridges with End Plugs