The Canadian Tube Fly Company
D.I.Y. Tapered Pins
Tube fly tyers are a particular bunch! I think that is what makes tube
tying so exciting, it really has tyers thinking "outside of the box". Tube
tyers are also well known for being "do-it-yourselfers" and creating new
tools or materials that will best suite their own tying. That is why we
have brought in these "Pin Blanks". They are straight pieces of solid steel
that can be easily ground down into a tapered pin exactly to the
specifications of your desire. All you need is a drill!
Needle Blank Kit

$4.99 for three blanks and emery cloth

You grind down the taper on the pin. You want to move the pin back and forward
Place the tapered pin blank in the chuck, tighten it up and you are ready to on the
angle to create the smooth transition. Be sure to continuously check the taper on
your favourite tube so you don't grind too much away!
The D.I.Y. kits come in two different wire gauges, 1 mm and 2 mm. Kits
include three wire blanks and two different grits of emery cloth for grinding.