The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Egret Predator Tube / Shank Kit
We have had many requests to put together a tying kit that is specifically geared
towards big, aggressive fish. With Pike and Muskie fly fishing be coming more
and more popular, we wanted to put together a few of our "bigger items" in one
place that will get a tyer started on making flies with really large profiles. Many
of our Saltwater customers too have been asking for a kit that can get them all
the essential "hardware" and tools to begin tying large baitfish and (sometimes
even) ridiculously gaudy looking flies that antagonize a fish into striking.
Most importantly, this kit comes with our Egret Jumbo Tapered Needle. This has
been a best selling custom product for us for the past few seasons. It is unique in
that the large taper (it goes from 1 mm at the tip and flares out to over 10 mm
at the base). The Jumbo Needle easily clamps into any vise and is idea for tying
on large tubes!
Click here to see a video about "The Jumbo"
This kit also comes complete with 20 small, large, and extra large diameter
Scandinavian Plastic Tubing, 20 Heavy brass Dumbbell and Hour Glass Eyes, as
well as 20
Egret Heavy Shanks (50mm and 70 mm)
Lastly, this kit comes with our full selection of Squidro Silly Legs. These rubber
legs are fantastic for adding movement to large predator tubes and
shanks....often triggering really aggressive hits!
Predator Tube / Shank  Fly Tying Kit.
Includes all you need to tie dozens of really large flies! All of this separately
would cost $64.99.

We are offering all of this for $49.99