The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Duck Plumage
When tying tube flies we are often faced with an ongoing problem. Feathers that would normally work
well on a hooked pattern are often too small to accommodate the thickness of a tube. The most
common example of this would be to think of a palmered schlappen feather. On a size 2/0 hook a
standard feather would be fine, when you put it on a diameter of tube that is often 3 or 4 times as
thick as a hook into the equation, that same schlappen feather now needs to be much bigger and
longer. This is often the frustration that most beginner tube tyers face....."running out" of feather
before the fly is finished!

We have spent the last few years locating many sources of premium feathers more suitable for tubes.
Mallard Spey
Premium Gadwall
Mallard Hen
Large Bronze Mallard Shoulder