This long fur is comparable to Templedog in texture and body. The
fur is dyed over a pure white colour which gives this fur a brilliant,
bright dye job instead of being darkened by a base colour of brown
or grey.

More dyed colours coming soon.........
$6.95 per patch
Finnish Snow Raccoon
Select Finn Snow Raccoon

$6.95 per package

Finnish Snow Raccoon Assortment Pack - 5 colours
difference in quality (right). The dye jobs are much
stronger since they are dyed over white instead of a
natural grey/beige colour).
Finnish Raccoon
Finnish Snow Raccoon
You can see the length and quality
of these premium fur patches, a
fantastic addition to any wing!
Above, you can make out the
stiffer, harder guard hairs that
are a bit lighter in colour.
Underneath is the soft underfur
that is perfect for wings. When
tying the under fur down at the
head of the fly, the fibers almost
completely compresses down on
the tube so you don't get an
unsightly bump and a huge head
on the pattern. We like to use the
underfur and guard hair the same
time on most of our tubes
(orange example on the left)
An example wing
tied with both
We tied this
Finnish Snow
Raccoon. The
wing is sturdy,
yet soft
enough to hold
its own in the
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