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Egret Sparkle Film. $4.29 per sheet (2 1/4 inches x 9 inches) .
We have long been a fan of Lazer Wrap and have designed several patterns around it, such as our
fantastically popular Chartreuse Lazer Flex Fly. Just like our new Our new Egret Flexi Film, our
new Egret Sparkle Film takes all of the things we love about the original Lazer Wrap
and tweaks
them up. Sparkle Film has an adhesive backing on it that really helps it stay put on either a  tube or
hook shank. The adhesive is water proof and just gives your fly that extra durability because the
body wrap is actually stuck right onto the pattern.
Egret Sparkle Film
All you need is a cutting board, a box cutter and a ruler to make perfectly smooth strips of Flexi Film to
wrap on your favourite patterns. Just be sure to peel the adhesive backing off before you tie it on.
Egret Sparkle Film Assortment - (All 6 colours)


Order yours today in 6 fantastic colours!
We like to usually pair up the colour of Sparkle Film to the colour of
plastic tube, like with the top two tubes. This almost always enhances
the overall colour of the body of the fly  and really makes it "pop" under
all light conditions.

Sparkle Film also looks great on metal tubes (bottom tube above). The
film is translucent and allows whatever underneath to show thru. Often
we will tie in a base of florescent floss or pearlescent tinsel to really
makethe tube or hook sparkle!
Order your full assortment
- one of all 7 colours!
Egret Sparkle Wrap easily covers up any tube (plastic, metal, hybrid,
etc.) with a self adhesive covering of transluscent sparkle. Not only
does the film sparkle in the light, the wrapping of the tube also give
a natural "segmented" look to your pattern!