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January 2014
We had to stop offering custom tied flies to fishermen or "shop out" our tying from local, well paid
commercial tiers, to overseas shops that In 2014, we had a decision to make as a company. Either we
had to stop offering custom tied flies used questionable labour practices. Often these shops produced
poor quality flies. We chose to focus all of our efforts into supplying tiers with the
materials they
need to produce their own tubes. We also chose to concentrate our time on creating material (
articles) to help new and experienced tube tiers with their own projects. As a tying resource for
our customers, we have left up all of our original links to the over 135 patterns we used to sell.
Please do ask if you have any questions about a specific pattern.
Juri Shumaokv Tube Fly Patterns
Bottle Tube Fly Patterns
Spey Tube Flies
Steelhead Tube Flies
Freshwater Salmon Tube Flies
Salt Water Tube Flies
We are now offering a Limited Series run of tubes! These will be
seasonal and will only be available when the tied flies are in
stock. This is not the full range of tubes like we offered years ago
(see below)