The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Canadian Tube Fly Company Storage System II
Canadian Tube Fly Company Storage System II


All boxes are completely
water tight and are
hinged together with a
stainless steel pin making
this extra sturdy box
perfect for rough and
tumble fly fishing!

These boxes come with
two locking clasps that
will ensure your box stays
closed and water tight.
With a completely sealed
box filled with air, they
also float. They now only
come in forest green
complete with 40 of our
custom made stainless
steel pins.

Order yours
today for
There are several tube fly box designs on the market today, some good, most bad! Several
designs use graduated pins that sit "point out" from the box and the tubes are simply
pushed onto the pin until the taper secures the fly in place. These designs work well until
you drop the box  or drive down a gravel road. Our new design of the CTFC Storage
System II uses straight, stainless steel pins, that gives you control over your box. The
custom made pins come in two different head styles and in lengths from 1 inch (for
smaller Shumakov or bottle tubes) and as long as 2 1/8 inch lengths for longer flies. Since
you push the pins in, you control how tight you want to pack your box. We have fit as
many as 50 large saltwater flies in this box.
Hold your tube fly at its head, push the pin in to the tube from the rear of the fly, then push the pin into the slotted foam.
Edmonton, Alberta,
T6K 3J5
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