The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Hook Lapel Pins
These are highly abstract hook pins compared to our more realistic Brooch/Tie
Pins. These look fantastic on a lapel since the fly you end up tying on them is
somewhat smaller than one tied on the larger, actual hooks.

Another great way for your fly to become wearable art, a super way for you to
show off your tying talents.

These have been the talk of many groomsmen at weddings!
These pins are completely attached to the hooks! We then lacquer over the
connection point to make sure all exposed metal is sealed so your treasure will
last for decades without corrosion!
Lapel Pin

$7.99 each

Colour / Pin Backing

These pins come complete with either a deluxe , locking pin back, or a
clasp pin back in either silver or gold finishes.