Egret Flexi Film and our Flex Tube are two products that go "hand in hand". The fact that both
products are brightly coloured and 100% transparent makes them almost glow under water. The
above three
Flex Tubes were wrapped with Egret Flexi Film... a unique way to add colour to the
body of your fly!
Egret Flexi Film Assortment - (All 14 colours)


On the left are two bare tubes. Notice how easily a bare metal tube can be completely
changed with Flexi Film. Now you can easily change the colour of metal or plastic tubing
with a couple of easy steps. No longer is there a need to purchase large selections of
painted tubes.
Order yours today in 14 fantastic colours!
All you need is a cutting board, a box cutter and a ruler to make perfectly smooth strips of Flexi Film to
wrap on your favourite patterns. Just be sure to peel the adhesive backing off before you tie it on.
Lazer Wrap and Edge Bright are fantastic products...... Egret Flexi Film is even better
though. Not only does it have the adhesive backing on it, it also has a more subtle
colouring. Before you could only create patterns with extremely bright coloured bodies in
3 or four colours, now with Flexi FIlm, you have a range of 14 colours in a sheeting that
is a little bit less intense with its colouring. The best attribute with Egret Flexi Film is that
with every wrap of the film and every layer you create, the colour becomes even more
Essentially it allows you to control the brightness of the fly!
We have long been a fan of Lazer Wrap and have designed several patterns around it, such as our
fantastically popular
Chartreuse Lazer Flex Fly. Our new Egret Flexi Film takes all of the things we
love about the original Lazer Wrap and tweak them up. Flexi Film has an adhesive backing on it that
really helps it stay put on either a tube or hook shank. The adhesive is water proof and just gives
your fly that extra durability because the body wrap is actually stuck right onto the pattern.
Egret Flexi Film. $4.29 per sheet (2 1/4 inches x 9 inches) .
Order your full assortment - one of all 14 colours!
The Canadian Tube Fly Company
more layers of Flexi Film, the darker the colour becomes!
Egret Flexi Film