The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Medium Shanks
We first brought in our Egret Heavy Shanks and had a great response, deal
of feedback about the weight though. Many of our cur customers wanted a
shank that didn't have the  heaviness in the current but still had the large
vertical tail loop and large eye. The medium shanks achieved the lighter
weight by using a finer gauge wire. They still have the overall look of the
Egret Heavy Shanks but less than half of the weight.
Medium Shanks 40 mm. $6.99 per 20.
of any vise. The Eye loop is nice and wide and has the double shank that will
securely hold the head of the fly and, in particular, dumbell eyes that are
popular on so many Intruder patterns.
The large tail loop also allows you to connect your hook in a couple of different
ways. Many tyers like to tie in braided line, mono, or even wire right into the
pattern. They make a loop that allows them to switch out the hook easily. W e
even know tyers who will actually add a split ring to the tail loop too. Then they
attach the hook right to the ring.
40 mm total length
Medium Shanks 30 mm. $6.99 per 20.
30 mm total length