The Canadian Tube Fly Company
Peacock on the "Chartreuse
Peacock Spey"
Blue Peacock Neck Feather. The fantastic blue colour of these flies
is not reproducible with any natural or synthetic material.
Feathers come 10 - 12 per package.
$2.25 per package
Green Peacock Feather. The same attractive qualities of the blue
feathers, only a bit shorter and green. Excellent for cheeks.
Feathers come 10 -12 per package.
$2.25 per package
12 inch Peacock Quill. A very hard to
come by feather ..... Excellent for creating
very unique wings on tubes.
$8.25 per 2 quills
Peacock Sword. A fantastic addition to
any pattern!
$4.25 for 3 swords
Blue Peacock Body Feather. Larger than the Blue neck feathers,
these plumes are fantastic for collars. Feathers come 10 -12 per
$2.25 per package
Dyed Colours coming
All three feathers