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Scandinavian Tube - Extra Large
Order your Large Diameter Scandinavian Plastic Tube Assortment Today!
Scandinavian Speckled Tube Assortment - Extra Large - 10 , 8 inch pieces - $8.99
One of the best qualities of this tubing is that it can be used to bulk up the
main body of any pattern. A
Step Tube can easily be created too by large
diameter back or front of the tubing. Many fantastic possibilities!
The same great speckled tubes only bigger! With an inside diameter of 3
mm and an outside diameter of 5 mm, these are by far the biggest plastic
tubing we have seen. These are great for really bulking up the body of
saltwater and pike flies. Any pattern that needs that larger silhouette in the
water, this is the stuff you want!
Or order your own colours in 8 inch sections for $1.09
Translucent White
Eight inch lengths. $1.09
one of these little
Beauties........ they are
perfect for holding XL
Scandy tubing in your